This is my latest news page - you can also see more on my social media....UPDATED October 6th 2018


More soon on my blog......


You can read more about these sales on my instagram page 


I am delighted to have already sold two paintings.....many thanks!

AUGUST 18TH 2018 - My first attempt at selling prints receives a positive response

I was very pleased given that the show was small - one print sold using my iZettle card machine

AUGUST 8TH 2018 - My latest blog tells of how "Full Steam Ahead " was created

You can read more about this delightful duckling below and HERE.....

JULY 30TH 2018 - My latest artwork in progress video is posted to my YouTube channel

You can see this video of "Full Steam Ahead" and others HERE.....

JULY 21ST 2018 - My artwork is on Christmas cards!

You can read more on my blog....

JULY 14TH 2018 - My latest artwork completed for H-art week in September

You can read more about how I completed this on my pastel work facebook page

JUNE 20TH 2018 - Three paintings sold during a successful art exhibition

JUNE 13TH 2018 - My latest portrait commission goes home...... 

JUNE 2018 - Exhibition all set up and ready to go from tomorrow June 2nd

MAY 2018 - Working on my latest work for "Out of the Hills" exhibition from next Saturday


APRIL 2018 - Another pastel painting done and dusted for "Out of the Hills" June 2nd - 17th

You can read more about how I created this artwork HERE.......

APRIL 2018 - A new artwork completed for the "Out of the Hills" exhibition

You can read how I did the eyes on this fox on my You Tube channel....... 

MARCH 2018 - My latest commission completed

These delightful dalmations span over 30 years of ownership and will be given as a gift to the husband in April. You can read about how I overcome some challenges on my blog

FEBRUARY 2018 - I now have three exhibitions planned for 2018

You can read more on my exhibitions page........

FEBRUARY 2018 - My latest commissioned portraits delight their owners.....

You can read more on my blog HERE and see more of my latest pastel art on Instagram

JANUARY 2018 - Another commission completed and ready as a birthday gift

You can read more about how I created the delightful Daisy on my blog.....

JANUARY 2018 - Here is a glimpse of my latest completed pet portrait  


You can read more about Dave on my blog or on my instagram page.......

DECEMBER 2017 - My latest portrait commission is complete.....

This was a big commission being 50cm by 70cm with a lot of detail - see more HERE

DECEMBER 2017 - Many thanks to my 1000 followers on instagram

This is the 16 completed works and commissions from this year - see more HERE.....

November 2017 - I have posted a video showing how I created "Meditation.."

You can see the full video HERE - see more of videos on my YouTube channel...... 

October 2017 - Another commission completed

You can see a video of me adding whiskers to this delightful image HERE - see more of my videos on YouTube

September 2017 - Rewarding stall at Wigmore Show in St James church

A display of artworks cards and mugs looked great and earned me a commission!

September 2017 - My open house for Herefordshire Art week rewarding


Here I am with wife Cathy - this photo was taken by a lady who bought two of my pastel artworks.

September 2017 - Much interest in my unique and individual mugs for purchase

Contact me for more details. A great gift idea that can be personalised for friends or family.....

August 2017 - My latest portrait is completed and ready for my open house

You read more here on my facebook page or on my instagram page...... 

August 2017 - Getting ready for my open house September 9th to 17th

Hope to see you here!

July 2017 - Completed commission wings it's way to Germany

You can read more about the making of Bo on my blog HERE....

June 2017 - Proud to sell three of my pastel paintings at the Palace Art-fest

You can read more about this event HERE

May 2017 - Delighted to sell "Sepia Tide" from my website to Keith in Chelmsford 

Keith had already purchased " Cheeky Chappy " from the Art2ARts website earlier in the year and I am very pleased he wanted to buy another piece of my pastel artwork. Many thanks Keith!

May 2017 - My latest commission delights owners 

You can read more about this commission on my blog......

April 2017 - Preparing for the Palace Art-fest exhibition in June


This is one of a number of artworks that I will be exhibiting at the Hereford Bishops Palace between June 21st and 25th - you can see more HERE.....all paintings will be for sale too!